We will be opening up at 4pm on Valentine’s Day.  We will be serving our regular dinner menu.  We will also have some special Valentine’s Day Dinner Specials.  In addition, the bar will be open as always.  We are taking reservations for all sized parties.  We still have some room left, but if you plan on coming we recommend you make a reservation.  We should have specifics on the dinner specials by this weekend.  Please call us at 516-536-6258 for any additional info.

Happy holidays from all of us at RJ Daniels!!

We will be open for dinner and late night drinks Christmas eve.  On Christmas day we will be opening up the bar at 7pm, so come on down for a drink any time throughout the night.  The day after Christmas will be a big NFL day.  We will be serving brunch and drinks/ food at both the tables and bar like normal.

New Years Eve will be happening.  We are taking dinner reservations up until 8:30pm.  Then we are having a bar party with an open bar, buffet and a whole lot more.  Go to www.RJDaniels.com for more info or call 516-536-6258.

All of us at RJ Daniels would like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.  Our Dining room will be closed all Thanksgiving day & night, but the bar will be open starting at 7pm.  So come on down to catch the Jet game.   We will be open as usual for dinner on Wednesday for Wine Night, with $5 bottles of wine.  Wednesday late night should be very busy at the bar.  We recommend coming down early to avoid the large crowds.

The plans are in for our annual Halloween costume party.  It will be on Saturday October 30th this year, starting at 10pm.  You can pay per drink as ususal, or there is the option of a $40 top shelf open bar from 10pm – 3am.  No cover charge as always, costumes highly recommended.   We will be giving out prizes for the best costumes. 

This weekend for our dinner specials we have a BBQ beef sandwich on a garlic hero, tilapia oreganata, garlic chicken, teriyaki sliced steak, among additional items.  Our seasonal Autumn salad is back for the fall also.

For dinner this weekend we will have shrimp cocktail for an appetizer special. For a sandwich special we will have a fried tilapia sandwich. Entrees include chicken bianco with tomato & Swiss in a white wine sauce. also, shrimp, broccoli & oil with penne in a garlic & oil sauce, and teriyaki sliced steak.

Looks like the rain held out long enough for us to get our happy hour BBQ in. Should be sunny the rest of the weekend. We will be serving lunch, dinner & Sunday bruch in our outdoor dining area all weekend. The outside bar will be open as usual as well.

It took a little longer than we expected, but we have rolled out our new menu.  Rockville Centre will never be the same. 

 There are some interesting new dishes and we have gotten some very positive early feedback.  We now have boneless buffalo bites, tomato & fresh mozzarella, a veggie burger, French dip, grilled shrimp kabobs, Traditional Irish Stew, along with some more goodies.

I will be sending out an email blast featuring ther new menu items.  It will include a coupon for some sort of discount so if you haven’t done so already you should sign up for our VIP email list.

It looks we are going to have terrific weather all week leading up to and including 4th of July weekend.  Should be perfect for enjoying our outdoor bar and dining areas.

We will be closed for Brunch on Sunday the 4th, but are considering opening up for dinner at 4pm.  That is still up in the air as of now, so call us in  a day or two to confirm if you are planning on coming down for dinner on the 4th.  Irregardless, the bar will be open on Sunday the 4th as always by 8 or 9pm.

Friday late night at the bar will be as crazy as ever leading up the the fourth, so you don’t want to miss that, and for Happy Hour on Friday we will be having our normal free BBQ on our outdoor patio for bar patrons.

There are some exciting things going on at RJ Daniels these days.  We are just finishing up the final touches for our new menu.  It should be done by the end of the week, or at the latest next week.  I’ll wait till its finalized to write about the changes, but there are some interestesting items we are adding.

With the warm summer weather we’ll be selling lots of mojitos.  not only the regular way, but also very tastey pink lemonade mojitos and mango mojitos.  Come on down for one!

We got in some big juicy sea scallops today.  We will be serving them either fried or broiled in a white wine, lemon, butter & garlic sauce.   We will also be offering fresh baked little neck clams.  For an appetizer we also have boneless buffalo chicken bites.  These are just like our chicken wings, but with no bone.  They are really tender and juicy.  We will be having a few other dinner specials as well, and as always will be offering are seasonal healthy living specials.

For Father’s Day we will be offering our normal brunch & dinner menus.  Make your reservations now before we book up.  Hopefully we will have nice weather and can use our outdoor dining area!

Should be a very busy weekend at the bar.  Hope to see you down here!!

I thought it might be a good idea to put a blog onto the website in order to keep those of you that are interested up to date with what’s going on at RJ Daniels.

I am going to make new posts about once a week.  I’ll be talking about dinner specials, bar specials, special events and I am sure a whole lot more.  Maybe I’ll include some pictures from the bar too.